domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Money Is Never Enough

It's been five years since we moved here and my mom still can't find a job. Father left us after Shirley was born because he got sick and tired of trying to support a family that never stopped growing. We are seven now counting mom, and the money is never enough. Pedro, who just turned 17, quit high school to get a job to help mom, and now, he is the only one with an income. When did it become his responsibility to maintain us? He really loved school, but he is the only one that can get a job. Marissa, who turned 14 last Monday, is pregnant, and mom told her she has to finish high school or she'll give the baby away. But money is not enough, and we can't pay for the uniforms and supplies for six kids. I am in third grade, and the only reason why I keep going is because our neighbor gave us some left over notebooks she had after her thirteen-year-old got killed for selling drugs. At night, I hear the babies crying, and its really hard to sleep. At school, the teacher has me on the miss-behaved list but she doesn't understand that I can't really focus because my stomach hurts, and I get dizzy trying to see the letters on the board. I've been thinking lately that I have to quit school so I can go and sell pencils and stuff, and help mom too, but money is never enough.

2 comentarios:

  1. Wooooooo, you really described the harsh reality of many ticos and many people out there in just one paragraph!

  2. Sadly most of us had met this kid here and there... Why cant money and oportunities been distributed evenly around the world? For some people it seems to be they were born in the wrong place or wrong time, their reality is already decided when they get there...