jueves, 23 de junio de 2011


Sometimes I just want to wake up to a different reality. Open my eyes and see the sun shinning in a different hue. Smell the flowers while I gently brush the clouds. Feel a colder breeze run through my hair. Sometimes I just want to see trees in the color of love, or listen to the birds sing a thousand songs of freedom. Reach out to the sky and catch a soft fluff of hope. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about a million different sounds that enclose me in my own wonder land. Sometimes I wish I could stay there and never wake. Never open my eyes again. Never listen to the noise of the voices that pull me in different directions. Today, I just want to stay there and be no more. I don't want to be your joy, your sorrow, your anger. I don't want to see the scent of my so familiar stale life. 

Sometimes I just want to wake up in a different reality, and be no more...

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011


Its been a couple months since I've seen a sunrise. I have lost track of time, and my steps have just become silent murmurs of the life that once existed within me. I have forgotten my path, I am lost in a world where everybody dance and twirls around their own perfect little circle or lack thereof. My life is nothing like a perfect circle, and my dance moves evoke nothing but tears to those who sit and stare the slow choreography that I do. 
I long for that morning again. I long for the touch of one who is able of caressing without inflicting pain. The touch of one who with soft kisses shares with me his existence and causes everybody to feel nothing but hatred. Hate, that is a funny word. I am so used to seen anger in the eyes of all those staring, as if everyone is waiting for me to miss a step and fall into the deepest abyss of laughter. I have learned not to care. What's my life to them if they cannot choose their own music. I at least have developed the ability of choosing the tune that is background to all my staged performances. All they fear is change. They fear the fact that I now know how to go about life without asking first if I can take a step. 
But then again, I fear change myself... What is supposed to happen next? Just give me back that morning before it all fades away again.